Fashion photoshoot at Au Pont Rouge Department store

That overwhelming experience of working with one of the most extraordinary department stores in Europe! Au Pont Rouge (“by the Red Bridge”) takes its name from the Red Bridge in St. Petersburg being the only cast-iron bridge across the Moyka river that preserved its historical design.

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Christophe Guillarmé runway show at St. Petersburg Fashion Week

St. Petersburg Fashion Week was honored to host Christophe Guillarmé show on April 09, 2017. Artistic, full of smooth outlines, romantic and chic collection closed this fashion week giving a full impression of tender yet sexy spring season. The designs offer a highly feminine view on contemporary evening gowns — silk satin, drapes, lace, embroidery and deep colors: blue, red and fuchsia.

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Rykiel For Ever presentation at Au Pont Rouge

On March 24th, 2017 one of the finest department stores in Europe Au Pont Rouge presented Rykiel For Ever collection inspired by brand’s founder and muse Sonia Rykiel. Being among 10 department stores in the world who was honored to have a unique collection on its shelves, Au Pont Rouge was filled with stylists, fashion bloggers, editors and other influencers on Friday night to get the first look at 13-pieces collection.

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Fashion photoshoot for O bag Russia Instagram account

Famous Italian accessories brand O bag is known for its colorful, minimalistic and practical design. These fashion bags became very popular in Europe and now Russia. It was a great pleasure shooting O bag items in St. Petersburg for their official Instagram account. As a result, fashion looks, street style and layouts. Only bright colours and fun!

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Spring lookbook for J.Sedova Hats Atelier

No doubt creativity pushes forward fashion but sometimes classy city photoshoot of handmade hats is just what’s needed. The designer Julia Sedova chose hats of rich colors for this photoset and her main wish as a result was to see noble yet flirty characters. The girls show hat is a must-have accessory for a city girl who is intelligent, cheerful, sexy and self-confident and it could lead to unbelievable adventures.

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Fashion photoshoot for Atelier-boutique Star People nightgowns collection

That winter morning we escaped from the snowy St. Petersburg to Paris tenderness. Atelier-boutique Star People introduced elegant pyjamas and nightgowns sewed from high-quality silk bought in Italy (at the same factory where Dolce&Gabbana finds fabrics for its collections). Almost unseen makeup, white skin, loose hair, pastel interior of luxurious hotel room, coffee and silk gowns — all to believe we are in one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris. Star People atelier also added several lace dresses to the photoshoot which we used to create a full morning story told by these girls — waking up and dressing up for the day.

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Fashion shoot for How To Be Wow brand at Madbaren

Young How To Be Wow clothes brand introduced its New Year collection on the Christmas Eve 2016. Sparkled, unpredictable, sexy and so flirty — we had an amazing photoshoot at one of the most popular bars of St. Petersburg, right in the center of the city. Giving a full impression of girls partying and having a great night out in gorgeous outfits, the main aim was to show all the silhouettes and brocade texture.

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Exclusive fashion shoot for Cosmotheca store in St. Petersburg

Collaborating with Cosmotheca — the most enigmatic cosmetics and perfume store in Russia, the main aim was to emphasize its unique white gloss interior with a precious weightless atmosphere. Thanks to graceful outfits by So Number One label our team kept indescribable fairytale aura of the place within each look. This photo shoot is exclusive as it is the first and only fashion shoot held in Cosmotheca store so far. Grateful for such honor!

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Lookbook for Let’s Go Dress rental service

Lookbooks are how brands and showrooms use photography to literally picture it for customers. Shooting luxury evening dresses the goal was to show girls, potential clients, how glamorous they could look in designer evening dresses when renting them at Let’s Go Dress service. I chose Suzor Palace right in the cultural center of St. Petersburg, totally renovated in 2016, with its baroque interiors full of luxurious details, shadows and mirrors to give a full impression of Hollywood chic and brilliance.

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