Who What knitWear

Knitwear is always a good idea. It could warm you up when it’s cold outside and add more style to your look (no limits to perfection, right?). I love the way it makes me feel cosy and weightless. And knitwear goes pretty much with anything.

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TOP Fashion Schools and Education Programs in 2018

For those who live and breath fashion, rolling in the deep of glossy magazines, runways, designer shows, Instagram feed, fashion blogs this post will be of much use. When I decided I could get more information, experience, insights into the fashion business I made a research on professional courses in Europe. Guess, which one I chose for myself?

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Personal Stylist Lana Luu

I absolutely adore girls who found their path and takes maximum from their lives. Lana Luu is a successful personal and commercial stylist on the sunny island of Cyprus. She has that kind of inner light that is seen in her style. She is natural and true to herself.

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The Most Sensational Fashion Event of 2017

This year has been rich in fashion and celebrity shows, runways, collections, yet if you ask about the most sensational fashion show I still recover the only one event in my head. It’s not always about business and profit. Tribute is breathtaking, emotional and memorable. Especially in show business where true family relations could be a hard work matter.

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Tuxedo Dress For Street Style Fashion

Street style can be chic, casual or smart. These are my own categories that could suit any street fashion outfit. Preferring casual in everyday life, I honestly believe a tuxedo dress should be in every girl’s wardrobe.

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Fashionista Ksenia Putintseva @vanilace

Ksenia has moved to the US with her family, found a great job and became a smart shopaholic. She has a long relationship with fashion, easily combines luxury brands with mass-market apparel and adores the most stylish woman of all times. It’s a true pleasure to follow her life and style and to be inspired by the beauty of nature, cities and people that surround her.

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Brand shoot production for Hilton Hotel St. Petersburg

The most long-expected project 2017 was a brand photoshoot for Hilton Hotels & Resorts. A newly opened Hilton Hotel St. Petersburg  The main concept — to show how different guests’ characters can feel special in the most worldwide famous hotel chain. We called this campaign My Dream Day at Hilton. Just imagine yourself a paparazzi and that you’ve just got a chance to pry into guests hotel life…

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Fashion shoot: Cultsome & G.Bar collaboration t-shirts

Fashion collaboration is always a good idea! It breathes in a new aura into the brand and gives its fans an opportunity to be different on the edge of fashion. Super glowing Cultsome showroom and girls’ best beauty advisor G.Bar launched a collection of unique white t-shirts with 4 cheer up phrases: Fucking Gorgeous, Perfect Red Lips, Only Magic, G.Babe.

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