Constantinos Kyprianou: Get challened, be influenced and become a better person

15 minutes past 2pm and he enters the front door of the cafe with a bit of excuse and happiness on his face. That is when I knew he was doing something right and powerful for his native country and all those minutes were worth waiting. Constantinos Kyprianou aka Cotsios O Pikatillis is a famous DJ, architect, event producer, TEDx speaker and all in all he is an amazingly inspiring person.

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TOP Fashion Schools and Education Programs in 2018

For those who live and breath fashion, rolling in the deep of glossy magazines, runways, designer shows, Instagram feed, fashion blogs this post will be of much use. When I decided I could get more information, experience, insights into the fashion business I made a research on professional courses in Europe. Guess, which one I chose for myself?

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