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Brand shoot production for Hilton Hotel St. Petersburg

The most long-expected project 2017 was a brand photoshoot for Hilton Hotels & Resorts. A newly opened Hilton Hotel St. Petersburg  The main concept — to show how different guests’ characters can feel special in the most worldwide famous hotel chain. We called this campaign My Dream Day at Hilton. Just imagine yourself a paparazzi and that you’ve just got a chance to pry into guests hotel life…

Romantic getaway.

There’s no place like luxury hotel suite for a romantic weekend! These two are having a time of their own all day long. What a lovely idea to have an evening date with your sweetheart in a luxurious hotel restaurant!

Travel blogger.

If you are a travel lover and it is your first time in St. Petersburg, Hilton hotel is the best choice to get the richest impression of the city. This guest is travelling all around the world and she knows what makes a good hotel.


Fashion celeb girl has her own busy schedule: giving an interview to a reporter in the lobby and preparing her night out for the city’s gala. The team is working all day long to make her red carpet appearance flawless.


Being a businesswoman means counting each of your minute that’s why this lady checked in at Hilton hotel — it has one of the most convenient conference facilities in the city. She chose to have a healthy breakfast and then switch to an international conference without changing the location.

You can meet all those characters in a hotel that has the biggest chain in the world. Hilton can make one’s stay high-standard and privileged. Interior was designed by the  Swedish architecture special for St. Petersburg hotel. The building gets an enormous portion of daylight due to high ceilings, the glass used in the design and pastel colours.