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Cocktail opening of The Silk Labyrinth of Hermès scarves collection at KGallery

On the first day of summer 2017 have been honoured to visit the most famous private gallery in St. Petersburg the KGallery for a cocktail opening of “The Silk Labyrinth” exhibition with 50 rare Hermès silk scarves from the Russian collection Maison Carré Foundation.

Items chosen for KGallery have never been shown in Russia before (exposition in Moscow consisted of other exhibits). Perfect lighting and square frames give an impression of paintings or calligrapher’s works. Each scarf has it’s design, theme, history and even famous former owner. The exhibition is spectacular and would be of much interest to those in fashion and designs!

Maison Carré Foundation is the only private silk scarves collection in Russia that is considered to be amongst top-5 collections in the world. The collection’s pearl is 700 Hermès silk scarves that has been collected for over 8 years now.

  • Location: KGallery, St. Petersburg
  • Camera: Sveta She