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The Streetstyle Photographer @thestreetpie

Street trends lead nowadays fashion. Streetstyle is unique, fresh and you won’t meet two fashionistas dressed in the same clothes, as you can sometimes see after runway shows. They may use the same accessories, shoes or apparel but there always will be a cherry on the cake that distinguishes and accents girl’s own style. Fashion Weeks around the world have the magic of street style. Paris, London, Milan, New York. Photographers get inspired by fashionistas’ imagination and temper and present us a selection of even more colourful and bold shoots than the shows themselves. Today a well-known street style photographer TheStreetPie shared her own story of fashion events, travelling and how she sees the world through the lens. This girl’s life is truly inspiring — well-educated, pursues her dreams, finds motivation in everything she does and makes it all a success!

Anastasia, how did your journey as a street style photographer start? Well, here is my story. I was studying foreign languages (English and Italian) at Moscow State University, after that, I decided to study buying at Marangoni University in Milan. It was my huge dream to become a buyer and to start my own store, that is why I chose a one-year intensive business course and after that Luxury Brand Management Master course in Marangoni. While being there, I discovered a lot of new and interesting things, and one of them was Milan Fashion Week! I had a chance to visit one fashion show and saw a lot of photographers outside it. At first, I did not understand what they were doing because it seemed strange for me to wait and take pictures of people only outside the shows. But still I was very interested and, as soon as I was in love with photography, I decided to try. If I am not mistaken, my first street style photos were taken in Milan outside Ermanno Scervino fashion show. I was so excited about the atmosphere, stylish people, cool photographers, etc. that I fell in love with street style at first sight! The next thing I remember I just skipped the work in Milan for few days and went to Paris. After Paris, I decided that I had to be a street style photographer (finally!). I even started studying photography (it was Master course in Istituto Italiano di Fotografia), but 4 months later I left for some real practice. And I have been practising in the fields for the past 2 years.

Photos taken by @thestreetpie during Paris, Milan Fashion Weeks.

Can you remember any funny or awkward moment during the street shooting? There are always a lot of funny and interesting moments, people have fun while attending fashion shows (of course it is a hard work, but the atmosphere there is more about fun, than seriousness). I remember when I only started taking pictures and was SO excited that just forgot my memory card at home and was walking all day long without even noticing that zero pictures have been saved, haha.

Do you receive any feedback from those caught on your camera? Yes, I receive feedback almost always. It may be just a ‘heart’ or repost, asking for a high-resolution photo, mentioning me in Instagram stories or writing me in direct or even email. I appreciate every kind of feedback and it really gives me the strength to go forward!

By the way, what camera do you use and why? I use Canon Mark III and 70-200 mm lens. This camera is not for girls, I would say, it is too heavy (around 3 kg) and not compact at all, haha. But still, I am in love with this camera! Moreover, I do not like running a lot and that’s why my 70-200 mm lens helps me to calm down and just take pictures without running too much. By the way, I tried using 35 mm at Men Fashion Week FW18/19 and was surprised with the results. I loved the photos! But I would say that 35 mm for me is not a «streetstyle» lens, it is more about just street photography.

Anastasia Fedoseeva aka @thestreetpie

I can only imagine how interesting it is to follow fashion weeks and runway shows wherever they go. But do you have your own travel dream destination? I love each city that I visit! Really! But… my dream is to visit far far away destinations. I love seals (especially harp seals) and it is my dream to take a trip to a place where they live. It might be Arkhangelsk (the White Sea) or Kamchatka. To tell the truth I prefer cold places and I absolutely do not like to spend my time on the beach.

All fashionistas want to see themselves in magazines or photographers’ accounts. Could you give them a quick advice on how to look fantastic in street style shooting? And what to do to be noticed? Every street style photographer has his own vision and taste. So, just follow your own style and for sure someone will notice it. But if you want to be one of the stars (let’s say so) you have to follow the latest trends and wear the latest collections. Be trendy but stylish! Not everyone who wears only famous brands has a taste. Search for inspiration every day and develop your own sense of fashion.

…don’t stop, discover new places, travel and do what you really love. Maybe it is a cliché but still, for me, it has already become a way of life.

The Street Pie

Please name 3 fashion celebrities/ bloggers you follow on Instagram and why. The first one would be Evangelie Smyrniotali – her style is one of the best for me. It’s all about minimalism and interesting curated details, she knows what to wear and how to mix it. The second – Chiara Ferragni – this time it’s not about style (she is not my type of fashionista) but about her relationship with her followers. She is so cute every time, she replies to all the comments/letters/messages and she is one of a few bloggers who really share her real story. And this is great. The third one would be Yoyo Cao – her style is all about super cute things and perfect mix and match, her photos are a real inspiration, I mean EVERY photo is a pure inspiration. She has her own brand that is also very nice.

What is the key idea of your online shop As I already told you, It was my dream to become a buyer. In September 2017 this dream came true. We opened our store in the centre of Moscow with the same name as my nickname. Our main concept is to bring simple but high-quality clothes to the Russian market, I would say it is all about European lifestyle and way of life. There are a lot of sportswear stores and unaffordable luxury nowadays, we wanted to bring something simple but at the same time fresh and understandable. This is the Street Pie store concept. We are searching for some new names and contacting already well-known brands and trying to have interesting brand mix and selection. We work directly with every brand and have almost the same prices as in Europe. Our style is simple, but high quality, a little bit of heritage, workwear, Scandinavian minimalism and a Parisien style. By the way, we have both menswear and womenswear collections.

What is the most exciting moment of your work? The most exciting moment for me is travelling. Each city is different every time I visit it. I love taking thousands of pictures and spam a lot on my Instagram, haha. Travelling and discovering something new during every trip. So, I would say – don’t stop, discover new places, travel and do what you really love. Maybe it is a cliché but still, for me, it has already become a way of life.