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Personal Stylist Lana Luu

I absolutely adore girls who found their path and takes maximum from their lives. Lana Luu is a successful personal and commercial stylist on the sunny island of Cyprus. She has that kind of inner light that is seen in her style. She is natural and true to herself.

Hey Lana, tell us your story. How did you decide to enter fashion and stylist profession? My love for fashion began a long time ago. A whole new world opened to me when I first came to Italy being 20 years old. I was amazed by the contrast, in comparison with our citizens, Italians looked modest, but with taste. Then I realized that fashion is more than brands and price. It’s a way of life. I studied culture and language in Siena and went to my first styling courses with an accent on the history of fashion. But my decision to become a stylist was not immediate. I followed to my dream only when I arrived in Cyprus. I needed my own personal occupation to fulfil my inner needs and make me whole. Now I understand that I do not want to do anything else in my life rather than being a stylist. This is what I’m ready to give 99% of my attention.

Now describe your style in 3 words. Minimalistic, neutral, smart casual.

What is your definition of vintage? First of all, vintage is a character and a story. These are special, high-quality and original things that have outlived their time. I adore vintage and I always look for such shops and markets when travelling to other countries, especially Italy. I have a pair of vintage earrings from my last trip and they are amazing!

Name your most favourite fashion icons of all times. Definitely Katharine Hepburn, for her unique and time-passing sense of style and Yves Saint Laurent — the man who turned the fashion world around.

Are you a shoe lover? Or apparel won your heart totally? Just recently I understood that I rather prefer clothes than shoes. I like neutral footwear, which complements the look but does not create it.

How do you shop? And what is your best shopping advice for a girl who wants to look stylish? When I began to work as a stylist, I reviewed my own clothes and stopped doing spontaneous purchases. Now every one of my trips to the shops is maximally thought out. My advice to all the girls who want to get rid of «nothing to wear» problem — create a base that matches your everyday lifestyle. This will be the basis of your wardrobe. It will be enough to buy a couple of trends and accessories once a season to look more than stylish.

And do not copy others, always listen to yourself, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your appearance, experiment and be confident in your own style.
– Lana Luu

What were your last fashion buys? Another pair of mom fit jeans (I can not imagine my style without them), a jacket-bomb and a sweatshirt. Yes, this is the working uniform of the stylist (giggles). We have to run a lot and always be mobile, so clothes should be as comfortable as possible.

Lana, that was an amazing talk. Appreciate you shared your story with us!
You can find useful information and more style advice following @lana.luu.