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Fashionista Ksenia Putintseva @vanilace

Ksenia has moved to the US with her family, found a great job and became a smart shopaholic. She has a long relationship with fashion, easily combines luxury brands with mass-market apparel and adores the most stylish woman of all times. It’s a true pleasure to follow her life and style and to be inspired by the beauty of nature, cities and people that surround her.

Ksenia, how did you become a fashion addict? Who inspired you? My passion for style started back to my teenage years when I was reading countless magazines admiring beautiful models wearing latest trends and examining beautiful designer collections. Well… when you are 14 you are not that independent in choosing what to wear and experiment a lot. Throughout many years thereafter my passion for beautiful clothes grew bigger, and the expanding world of social media with an overwhelming amount of style bloggers and influencers advanced my interest in fashion. I would not say that someone/something, in particular, inspires me. I guess I was just born this way. Always liked to dress up and look stylish and beautiful. Always followed trends. Always loved shopping.

Please, describe your style in 3 words. I will describe it in 2 words — smart casual. I am working in the office 5 days a week. I am fortunate not to have a strict dress code in there, so I love to experiment with business casual and smart casual styles.

Do you think fashion should be comfortable? Or just pretty? I do not think fashion should be either comfortable or pretty. I think it is smart to combine both. Although my hubby would strongly disagree with me saying anything about comfort — he saw me struggling on those Louboutins so often (giggles). I think it depends on what you wear. Speaking of those loubies. Pretty much everyone would say they are not comfortable but what will stop you from wearing timeless classic red bottoms?! There is always an option to wear 75 heels either than 120 and still remain stylish.

True fashion person should be able to find the ways to look beautiful without any sacrifices.

— Ksenia

Name your most favourite fashion icons of all times. That is easy. Coco Chanel. No other words needed. I always admired her ability to combine classic style clothes with a statement details, being necklace, earrings or brooch. I love simplicity in clothing. Speaking of modern bloggers, there are so many of them who’s style I like but I will highlight Aimee Song and Helena Glazer.

Describe your look for a spring city walk. Spring is one of my favorite seasons! The classic look would be dark jeans, loafers, shirt and a blazer.

Do you shop rationally or by your mood? I am doing my best to buy things that I will really wear. It rarely happens that I buy something being on a shopping spree that I never wear. I am a shopaholic but I am a smart one. I always know where all discounts are, and where to get the best deal for what I want to buy. The online market is so huge now — you can find all you need for any budget. Also, I sell and donate a lot of my old clothing. I usually spend more money on classic neutral pieces, that are always a great investment. If I need to buy something trendy for the season that I know I would wear once or twice I will go to mass-market place.

What were your last fashion buys? Waiting for my new Chanel purse to arrive. Was hard to get the style I wanted — it was sold out everywhere. Again, black Chanel tote – this is the great investment, it never gets old. Can’t wait to see my beauty! The other favorite buy of last month was white Gucci sneakers from new collection «Loved» — really cannot wait to wear them! And my list could be too long as I have to confess I have bought a lot of pretty stuff during the holiday sale.

Thank you, Ksenia, for your amazing story and for sharing some fashion tips!

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