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Knitwear is always a good idea. It could warm you up when it’s cold outside and add more style to your look (no limits to perfection, right?). I love the way it makes me feel cosy and weightless. And knitwear goes pretty much with anything.

I believe one should choose knitwear based on the eye colour. If you have blue eyes, then all kinds of grey, beige, white, ivory, blue, pink will suit you best. It’s just that simple. You can change your hair colour but eyes will still remain natural. Knitwear is the best way to emphasize your inner style and harmony.

Lucy Connelly

Mary Lawless Lee

Ranti Onayemi-Blanchard

To make you feel even better about knitwear, I have some interesting facts:

  • In the 16th century France, knitting was only males hobby. What a flashback!
  • Cotton and silk were the most popular materials for knitting in the beginning. By the way, no one knows how old is this occupation.
  • The first example of knitting (as we know it nowadays) was found in Egypt dated back to the first millennium A.D. And it is a pair of cotton socks!
  • The longest knitted work is longer than 16 miles and it’s being knitted today since 1989 in the UK.
  • In the 16th century, King Eric of Sweden owned 27 pairs of silk stockings made in Spain. Each pair cost the same as his valet’s yearly salary.

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Now that we know a bit more about knitting, it’s time to make it fashion and see what will be trendy this Spring. First of all,  let’s go for pastel — all kinds of colours but soft, faded. Oversize and loose, complemented with a wide belt or belt-bag — sooo stylish and sexy for a lovely day!