Constantinos Kyprianou: Get challened, be influenced and become a better person

15 minutes past 2pm and he enters the front door of the cafe with a bit of excuse and happiness on his face. That is when I knew he was doing something right and powerful for his native country and all those minutes were worth waiting. Constantinos Kyprianou aka Cotsios O Pikatillis is a famous DJ, architect, event producer, TEDx speaker and all in all he is an amazingly inspiring person.

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Arthur Brand — a knight of the art world

He has recovered many stolen art and antique masterpieces among which are ‘Adolescence’ by Salvador Dali, two bronze horse sculptures, by Josef Thorak, that flanked the door of Hitler’s Reichstag, 1300-year-old Peruvian artifacts, and now St. Mark’s mosaic stolen from the Kanakaria church in Cyprus in 1974 after the turks invasion. Arthur Brand, also known as ‘Indiana Jones of the art world’, is passionate about art history and is serious about keeping his word.

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Marios Kyriazis talks about longliving society and his family collection

Marios Kyriazis – a fourth generation medical doctor, a biomedical gerontologist, the Nobel Prize nominee, the Man of the Year (2017), author of more than 1000 articles, owner of the Kyriazis Medical Museum in Larnaca.

We met at the traditional mansion in the centre of Larnaca which is now occupied by the Kyriazis Medical Museum named by its owner. The white hall with colourful floor tiles leads from the entrance to the backyard. Dr Marios Kyriazis comes out from the second room on the right side and greets me with a handshake. The first things I see in the room are huge portraits.

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